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    Small business enterprises are significant contributors to the GDP and employment in the United States, but despite governmental support, the failure rate remains high. In our analytics based business environment, leaders of small business enterprises need a team to help them collect, analyze, and manage knowledge assets to maximize profitability.

    • Business Evaluation
    • Data Science - Tools/Analysis
    • Qualitative/Market Research
    • Competitive Analysis
    • Business Intelligence
    • Strategic Planning



    Employee training, both new and experienced, is crucial to the success of any business. Training can increase productivity, reduce costs, increase customer loyalty, and promote employee satisfaction. We offer training programs in the following areas:

    • Front-Line Supervision
    • Team Building
    • Harassment (All Forms)
    • Sales/Account Management
    • Six Sigma/Quality
    • Project Management
    • Diversity
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Online Courses
    • More ...



    Execution is one of the biggest issues facing businesses today. Great strategic plans and initiatives can fail due to ineffective execution. Effective execution goes beyond meeting schedules and budget. Execution includes making sure the right people are in the right jobs. With this orientation, your team will select executable strategies aligned with the marketplace, the competition, and the economic realities of the business environment.   

    • Business Processes
    • Process Mapping
    • Data Collection
    • Program Management



    Skills and expertise are rapidly becoming obsolete, especially technology related industries. Firms that continuously improve their knowledge assets remain competitive over multiple business cycles. Rapidly evolving technologies makes continuous investment in non-core competencies, skills, and capabilities unsustainable. SCH can support your organization with:  

    • Technical Evaluations
    • Sales Analytics
    • IT Staffing
    • Grant Writing
    • Business Plans
    • Government Proposals/RFP
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